Your future with us 

As a responsible employer, SOGELIFE is committed to supporting its employees in developing their skills and making them full players in their careers. Our committed and responsible HR strategy is based on 3 main ambitions:

  • Professional development of employees (training, employability, mobility, etc.)
  • Well-being and benevolence (pleasant work environment, work-life balance)
  • A fair and responsible remuneration and recruitment policy (pay equity, equal opportunities, etc.)

SOGELIFE is expanding and is constantly looking for new experts and young talent to meet the needs of our wealthy and international clients. We offer you the opportunity to enhance your behavioural and technical skills through a variety of training modules that provide you with the support you need to grow in your profession. By joining SOGELIFE, you will be part of a dynamic and friendly environment within a human-sized company, whose activity is rapidly developing across 9 European markets.

Diversity is a driving force at SOGELIFE, we value this richness, which in particular promotes innovation, performance and team spirit within the company. By signing the Diversity Charter in 2016, SOGELIFE has committed to preserving and strengthening this wealth. By guaranteeing equal opportunities and maintaining an inclusive work environment for all. SOGELIFE is committed to a positive action approach whose priority areas are equality between men and women and the multicultural aspect of our employees. 

«  Construire ensemble, avec nos clients, un avenir meilleur et durable en apportant des solutions financières responsables et innovantes  »

Raison d'être du Groupe Société Générale

SOGELIFE awarded "Responsible Company"

Already very committed to social and environmental issues, SOGELIFE considers CSR to be one of its priorities and is committed to "a process of continuous improvement to contribute to the various pillars of sustainable development and aims to improve the economy and society in which it operates". In March 2021, SOGELIFE was awarded the "Responsible Company" label by the National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility, a major player in CSR in Luxembourg.

As an insurer, we have an important role to play in this more responsible future which is taking shape. The long-term vision, necessary in a sustainable development approach, is also shared by the life insurance industry. SOGELIFE's strategic orientational aims are to become a more responsible insurer, investor and employer. First, by integrating Environmental, Social and Governance criteria into the company's activities. Second, by promoting positive impact solutions and third, by improving the quality of work life and developing a culture of responsibility. This strategy has been recognised by the INDR through the award of the ESR - RESPONSIBLE COMPANY label in March 2021.

In this perspective and as part of the labelling process, SOGELIFE was required to demonstrate its good practices in 30 elements, divided into the following 4 pillars:

  • CSR strategy: How SOGELIFE has identified the expectations of society and how its CSR strategy allows to align the interests of stakeholders
  • Governance: How SOGELIFE has integrated the essential principles of CSR into its governance and improve their implementation
  • Human Resources: How SOGELIFE has implemented a responsible HR strategy (caring and fair behaviour towards employees throughout their career)
  • Environment: To what extent SOGELIFE has developed eco-responsible practices and behaviors (preserving natural resources, reducing pollution and applying circular economy principles,..)

Obtaining the label has enabled SOGELIFE to join the community of "Socially Responsible Companies" in Luxembourg, which includes 200 companies employing over 50,000 people.

Inclusion of sustainability risks in remuneration policies

In accordance with the Societe Generale group’s remuneration principles, the SOGELIFE remuneration policy promotes sound and cautious risk management, including for sustainability risks.

In this respect, each SOGELIFE employee’s performance review, which is taken into account in individual remuneration decisions, includes a behavioural assessment in terms of compliance with the applicable regulations and the internal rules, namely the Societe Generale group’s Code of Conduct, the Anti-Corruption Code and the Tax Code of Conduct.

In particular, the Societe Generale Code of Conduct requires each employee to fulfil the commitments of the Societe Generale group in line with three key principles:

  • Respect human and socio-economic rights and the environment
  • Abide by the law, the regulations and professional standards
  • Promote diversity and respect individual privacy