SOGELIFE is supporting Life Project 4 Youth


SOGELIFE is supporting Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y) Luxembourg’s Green village project by building the first house in the eco-village in Calauan, Philippines, and providing education and support to fifteen severely disadvantaged Youth.

SOGELIFE is very proud to be working with the Youth, volunteers and the entire LP4Y Luxembourg team in order to achieve the next milestone in this ambitious project. A life project incubator and education center, the Green Village is more than just a village – it contributes to the inclusion of children and young adults.


About Life Project 4 Youth Luxembourg
Life Project 4 Youth’s mission statement is to foster the social and professional integration of Youth who are socially excluded and in extreme poverty. LP4Y creates and develops microeconomic activity incubators close to slums and affords Youth the opportunity to take a “Professional Training for Entrepreneurs” programme. Life Project 4 Youth is supporting over 1,450 Youth and has 36 programmes and 19 Life Project Centers. LP4Y has successfully integrated over 500 Youth into business in India, the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia.