Conference: The future customer experience


On 22 November 2018, SOGELIFE held its annual conference at Luxembourg's Mudam (Museum of Modern Art), hosting a morning event for the exchange and exploration of ideas with its partners.

Jean Elia, CEO of SOGELIFE, presented the company's outlook and highlighted the importance of co-creation with its partners with the goal of providing them and their customers with a “delightful” experience.

This was underscored by a talk from invited speaker Laurence Body - a specialist in innovation through the customer experience. As the author of the first book to be published in French covering this subject as a new management discipline, she shared her vision of the future customer experience, providing concrete examples and leading discussions to highlight the links with the life insurance profession.

Afterwards, the guests were offered an exploration of the Mudam’s exhibitions with a guided visit and a virtual reality animation created by SOGELIFE promoting the Specialised Insurance Fund.

The company is looking forward to teaming up with its partners next year for the next edition of its annual conference.


Jean ELIA, CEO of Sogelife & Laurence BODY, specialist in innovation through the customer experience

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