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D-Light Program 

This program, throughout which our partners were consulted on, aims to reinvent our partners and clients experiences in 3 phases: 

  • SENSE: Listen carefully to the needs of our customers and partners to better understand their expectations and challenges.
  • DREAM: Develop and establish with our partners new concrete and feasible solutions to transform the user journey and experience.
  • ACT: As the name suggests, this involves implementing the elements gathered in the first phase and thought up in the second.

Large-scale projects designed by and for the partners.

Four ambitious concrete projects are being developed for partners and customers: a platform dedicated to end-customers, another dedicated to partners to monitor transaction flows, a complete plan to redesign our documents and a programme to digitise the customer journey. 

Discover the projects deployed below; 

ATHENA Programme  

The Athena programme aims to optimise management of data and financial flows, which is part of the digital transformation that impacts SOGELIFE as a whole. This program is the result of an alliance between agility and innovation, supporting the experiences of clients, partners and employees. It also enables us to better absorb regulatory changes within the life insurance sector.

The dedicated project team (A-team) comprises of approximately ten multidisciplinary experts working in a collaborative manner with a start-up atmosphere. Alongside the Finance, Risk and Support Departments the A-team creates value, while strengthening the links and commitment of the players who produce this value.

Agility is at the heart of the Athena programme and conditions its success. This is materialised on two levels:

  • Developments: use of the SCRUM methodology, enabling developments to be broken down into units of value for the client. (user stories)
  • Establishing A-team business pairs for each process, offering the ability to work on multiple activities.

"Collaboration must be at the service of creating value for our clients” Pierre-Jean Chamaillard, Tribe leader, A-team