Luxembourg Life Insurance advantages for Swiss Residents

For our Swiss tax resident clients, who are foreign nationals, you can benefit from an agreement with the Swiss tax administration to be taxed at a flat rate:

  • Benefit from an advantageous holding structure:
    • Possibility of benefiting from potentially advantageous taxation in the absence of a double tax treaty.
    • Non-application of stamp duty on investments in a Dedicated Internal Fund.
    • Possibility of establishing a potential benefit to prepare future international mobility.
    • Access to non-double taxation treaties negotiated by Luxembourg.
    • Guarantees possible in the event of credit.
  • Availability of capital

By means of partial or total redemption on the contract, clients can recover all or some of their investments.

  • Optimise the transmission of assets:
    • Life insurance provides a simplified and secure means of transmission thanks to the beneficiary clause:
      • Free designation of beneficiaries.
      • Modification possible at any time.
      • Payment of possible benefits in securities or in cash.
      • Possibility of providing for a dismembered beneficiary clause to prepare transmission over several generations.