Be a Responsible Investor

As a life insurer, we value responsible products. We promote 54% of responsible funds that allow our clients to direct their savings towards projects or companies whose activities address environmental and social issues. These responsible funds represent a total of more than €124 million in assets under management in Q2 2022.


SOGELIFE POSITIVE INVESTMENT1, a 100% SRI savings life insurance offer, allows you to diversify your investments, enhance your assets with a long-term vision, while enjoying the advantages of Luxembourg life insurance (tax neutrality, enhanced security, portability of the contract). SOGELIFE has paid particular attention to the selection of the SRI funds which make up this solution. The characteristic of this highly differentiating product lies in its desire to give meaning to your investments and a commitment to the future.


1* 100% unit-linked product aimed at Luxembourg, French and Monegasque residents who are well-informed and sensitive to SRI issues.

Sustainability information

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, the Société Générale Group intends to take into account environmental, social and human rights issues in the conduct of its activities.  Through its activities, SOGELIFE, a Luxembourg life insurance company and subsidiary of the Société Générale Group, complies with the principles of these standards regarding investments. SOGELIFE develops its offer by including an ESG alternative for each investor profile. In this respect, SOGELIFE has adapted its range of solutions in order to be able to offer socially responsible investment products that take into account the main negative impacts in investment decisions on sustainability risks, for example:

  • The SOGELIFE Positive Impact product, launched in early 2021, integrates sustainability risks.
  • The EURO Fund is managed by Société Générale Assurance. The consideration of sustainability risks as well as the due diligence policies are detailed in its extra-financial performance report.

As part of the subscriber's investment decisions BASED ? on the advice of his Intermediary, SOGELIFE has a monitoring policy to verify that these investments integrate and fully comply with sustainability guidelines.

Within the context of the policyholder’s investment decisions on the advice of their Intermediary, SOGELIFE has a monitoring policy in order to verify that these investments incorporate and fully comply with the sustainability directives.

In application of the SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure) Regulation on the publication of sustainability information, you will find on this page the information relating to our life insurance and capitalisation contracts as well as to their investment vehicles presenting environmental or social characteristics or having the objective of sustainable investment.

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Taxonomy Regulation

The Taxonomy Regulation of the European Union (EU) 2020/852 aims to identify economic activities considered as sustainable from an environmental point of view.

The Euro fund promotes environmental characteristics within the meaning of the Taxonomy Regulation. The share of investments matching with these characteristics will be calculated and communicated as of January 1, 2023.