Be a responsible Insurer

As a responsible insurer, our business is to preserve and transmit financial assets, but also, and more than ever, environmental and human assets.

Frédéric Ruaz
Head of Marketing, Communication & Innovation

As an insurer, our mission is to protect our policyholders and their assets over the long term and at every stage of their lives. We place great importance on sustainable development and social responsibility issues in our activities and operations, in order to provide our clients and partners with innovative and responsible solutions, with a positive impact.

In order to reduce our environmental impact and to promote responsible behaviour among our employees, numerous actions have been carried out since 2015, based on environmental and responsible commitments.

Promoting Civic Engagement 

SOGELIFE is committed in Luxembourg and internationally to a united world.

  • Signature of a diversity charter in 2016
  • Participation in the annual diversity day

The younger generations are the future. Our responsibility is to give them the tool to prepare their future and enable them to have a positive impact on the world. It is with this in mindset that SOGELIFE has developed a long-term partnership with LP4Y, Life Projet 4 Youth, to support local actions in favour of the professional integration of young people in disadvantaged countries.

Equal Opportunities & Access to Education 
  • LP4Y: SOGELIFE supports the association in all its projects, such as the construction of houses for volunteers (green village),  financing of training for several young people in rehabilitation, and  continuous improvement of the conditions in  nurseries.
  • Oficina Juridica para la Mujer (Legal Office for Women), Bolivia: Legal and psychological support to female victims of violence and discrimination.
  • Eeschwëller Haus Edith Stein" home of the Open Door Foundation: Welcomes women and children who are victims of domestic violence. The personalised project of these women focuses on autonomy.
  • Association Pimpampel: Improves the quality of life of children and their parents at the CHL Kannerklinik in Luxembourg
Act Against Climate Change 
Reduce the carbon footprint 
  • Zero paper scheme
  • Elimination of water fountains (480 plastic bottles saved per year)
  • Elimination of plastic cups
  • Reduction of electricity consumption (switch from neon to LED, employee awareness campaign) 7% savings