TMG 3,5% net and investment bonus


Promotional offer second quarter 2023

For this upcoming quarter, SOGELIFE is reinforcing itspromotional offer by proposing a 3.5% net TMG without unit-linked conditions and an investment bonus of between 0.75% and 1.50%These offers are valid until 30th June 2023*.

In a context of high stock market volatility, these returns are possible thanks to the quality of SOGECAP's financial management, which relies in particular on the successful diversification of investments (variable rate bonds, infrastructures and PE) and the hedging of a large proportion of bond assets against rising interest rates.

As you may know, SOGECAP and SOGELIFE are two wholly-owned subsidiaries of Société Générale. Our General Fund is fully reinsured by SOGECAP, who manages 132 billion euros of assets. SOGECAP thus posted a solid profitability of 456 million euros, up 9.3%. The solvency rate is above 200% and the ROE exceeds 21%.  SOGELIFE is thus able to adapt its offer regularly to provide security and returns to its clients.

SOGELIFE's location in Luxembourg, whose AAA credit rating with a stable outlook has been confirmed by Moody's, finally offers subscribers protection and security of assets which is unique in Europe

*Promotion information without contractual value. The value of the Units, which reflects the value of the underlying assets, is not guaranteed but is subject to fluctuations up and down depending in particular on the evolution of the financial markets. Sogelife reserves the right to change its offer and access conditions during the year.