During a year marked by the health crisis, SOGELIFE demonstrated its resilience and confirmed its place in the top 5 of Luxembourg life insurers, with a turnover of 1.72 billion euros, 57% of which in unit-linked (UL).

In 2020, SOGELIFE's assets under management reached €11.7 billion, up 4% on 2019, with a 40% share in unit-linked funds. The social result is also in line with the objectives with 26.4 million euros. Finally, the Solvency ratio was 209% compared to 184% in 2019.

SOGELIFE was able to adapt to the constraints of confinement in order to maintain its activity, strengthen its links with its partners and establish new large-scale partnerships. In terms of its offer, the company has developed a new solution for unlisted securities with reduced liquidity. Leader on the Monegasque market, SOGELIFE consolidated its presence on its main markets, namely Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland.

The year 2020 was marked by SOGELIFE's desire to improve the experience of its partners and end clients by accelerating its digital transformation and simplifying its processes. In addition to its ability to maintain its business remotely, several projects were developed by and for its partners. Satisfaction surveys have enabled SOGELIFE's teams to identify and work on areas of improvement, enabling them to undertake and have undertaken several projects which are now coming to fruition and which aim to make their journey more fluid.

“2020 has allowed us to imagine a new, more digital and more responsible world. These projections will become reality in 2021 thanks to the contribution of our partners and the commitment of our teams. "Jean Elia, CEO of SOGELIFE

The company has also implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy with the aim to become a more responsible insurer, investor and employer. This strategy was rewarded at the beginning of 2021 by obtaining the "Socially Responsible Company" label issued by the INDR (National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility). On the strength of feedback from its partners, demonstrating their growing interest in solutions dedicated to Socially Responsible Investment (SRI), SOGELIFE has launched the SOGELIFE Positive Investment product, a 100% SRI and 100% unit-linked product which fits perfectly with its CSR strategy as the funds that make it up are carefully selected: “ISR” or “LuxFlag” label, and Environmental, Social and Governance criteria.


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