Our History

Key dates

  • Launch of the 100% SRI product, SOGELIFE POSITIVE INVESTMENT 

    Labeled as a Responsible Company and Responsibility Europe by the National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (INDR)

  • Expansion of unquoted assets investment solutions

    Enhancement of our offer with the integration of OPCI 

    Launch of the D-light Program, dedicated to the partner and client experience

  • 11 billion euros of assets under management reached

  • Launch of the Specialised Insurance Fund

  • Launch of the B2B website Sogelife-partners.com

    SOGELIFE co-signs the “Diversity Charter”

  • SOGELIFE signs the Quality Charter 2.0, membership of “Luxembourg movement for quality and excellence”

  • Sogelife reaches 5 Billion Euros of assets under management.

  • Launch of External Partnership Transformation

  • Sogelife reaches 1 Billion Euros of assets under management.

  • Funds under management reach EUR1 billion

  • SOGELUX-VIE rebranded to SOGELIFE S.A.

  • Creation of SOGELUX-VIE