SOGELIFE, the life insurance company of Société Générale Assurances, has been established in Luxembourg for almost 30 years. The company benefits from both the financial expertise of Societe Generale Luxembourg, present in the Grand Duchy for more than 130 years, and the solidity of Societe Generale Assurances.

SOGELIFE offers life insurance solutions for international customers in different countries in Europe: France, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom and Czech Republic. The company works in open architecture in collaboration with private banks, custodian banks, management companies as well as a diversified distribution network.

SOGELIFE combines financial solidity, dynamic innovation and a strategy of sustainable growth based on the expertise and commitment of its employees.

Key figures SOGELIFE


11,9 bn €
assets under management
countries in Europe
60% / 40%
shareholders: SOGECAP / SGBT
46% / 54%
women / men

Our Values

We share a unique and common culture to work well together, to better serve our partners & clients, and to make a difference in our markets. This is based on 4 values that guide the behavior of each of us.

Team spirit

We work with our clients in the same way, which we work with one another: by listening, working together, valuing contributions and being united in both our successes and our challenges.


Our responsibilities and our corporate ethics consist of meeting our clients’ various needs while safeguarding the long-term interests of all our stakeholders. Our responsibility can also be seen in our courage to be accountable for our actions and decisions, and to express our opinions transparently. We attach as much importance to how we achieve results as we do to the results themselves.


True to our entrepreneurial spirit, we are changing our ways of working by promoting sharing, experimentation and thinking outside the box. We learn from successes and failures alike.


We nurture relationships based on trust and mutual respect, both inside and outside our business.  Our commitment derives from the continued satisfaction from our clients with our knowledge and expertise.

« Building together, with our clients, a better and sustainable future through responsible and innovative financial solutions. »

Corporate purpose of Société Générale