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Savings & Pensions Partners

Reunion de travail

Sogelife puts the building of long-term partnerships and the satisfaction of its clients at the centre of its business dealings.


Since 1996, SOGELIFE has become the preferred partner of a number of intermediaries: wealth management consultants, private banking institutions, family offices and asset management firms. SOGELIFE has designed a complete range of Life and Savings policies to assist its clients in structuring their wealth management.

In order to provide the most satisfactory servicing of your needs, the Company has a specially dedicated sales team to offer you customised policy handling and the necessary marketing tools to ensure the smooth running of our partnership. Our partners also benefit from a complete reporting system and an Extranet platform for accessing policy details.


In order to meet client requirements, SOGELIFE has entered into deposit agreements with first-rate Banks in Luxembourg and other European countries. We can, furthermore, extend this to other Banks at any time, subject to approval from the CAA as to the use of a new custodian bank and the new deposit agreement.


With its fully diversified range of Unit-Linked funds, SOGELIFE works with a number of asset managers across the whole of Europe. In managing our Dedicated Internal Funds, set up for our clients, we work daily with performance-seeking Asset Managers. Adapting to client needs, their risk profile and their investment horizon....these are all factors that our technicians take into account in order to offer our clients the most professional investment strategies to suit their requirements.